The Other Snow White

Once upon a time there was a princess called Greylliet, opaque as her name.
She was a princess. The King was her father and He loved her more than anything in the world.
Her mother had passed away several years ago, and she had no siblings.
The father was always showing love to her, making incredible things to please her.
Greylliet was a beautiful and charming girl.

They used to walk through the woodlands in the kingdom while the King - telling old stories - preparing Greylliet to be a corageous queen some day.
The kingdom was such charming, there were trees of all kind, the most beautiful on earth.
Unfortunately, there was one which excels all others: the tree of knowledge.
It was high, imposing and glowed above all the land.
That tree was there since the beginning. 
It was a mistery to everyone.

And the King wisely said to Greylliet: 
- This tree is a complete mistery to us. Please, make sure that you'll never ever eat its fruit! We didn't have enough information of any benefits or damages caused by it.

- Absolutely dad! 


On a typical day, G. walked for miles through the kingdom. 
Admiring and discovering all the beauty. 
When she realized she was in front of that tree. 
For a lapse of memory, forgot everything around. 
It was taken by the enchantment of curiosity. 

And approaching she began to want that fruit.
She forgot all the words of her father, all the legends and just all.
How could her resist?
Should have a guard there... There was not!
She ate. In the very moment nothing happened.
But when she turned away, her father was there, staring at his daughter.
Confidance broken. Relationship broken.
Day after day the silence swallowed both.
And one day The King started some kind of sickness and, as nobody was able to heal him, very quickly He died.

After the funeral everything was different. Greylliet was now a Queen.
But your heart would never be the same. So it was. The years were passing and she was hardly poisoned.
She could'n see but the poison was now acting with all its strenght.
She was poisoned by the sins of this world and became blind and she slept away for many years.
So many time after this, the hope arised.
A prince came, redeemed her and brought her back to life. 
He already changed her name, made her White in snow.
All the poison in her heart was cleaned up. She was innocent, justified and NEW! 

The end

*Based on The greatest love story of humanity.... A God so in love for his people!