To make you feel my love

Hey there!

This post is an offering of "Shurulê English School".
I'm writing in english, cause I need to practice and this is MY PLACE to do it.
So here we go...

This, was a troubled week.
As always, I've been behaving well. Grateful.
We all have problems.
We all hurt.
We all cry.

So do I.
In these moments, you must be loved.
Then you'll find a rest and some hope to fight against another seven headed monster.
Love is this place that you can just be still and pour out all you are.

My luck. Found you.
Without you where would I be?

And is being this way since I've met you.

Thought about all this stuff that makes me suffer.

And would like to have someone to make me whole again.
To say he really cares and all this what I'm passing through... We're together.
Then you'll listen that He could do everything for you.
Today. The same. He can and must and would like to do anything to you.
He is there. Always. Loving you. Holding you. Hand in hand.

So, I was done and listened this:

From God. 
The only one who will never let you down.
(a letra e a tradução da música AQUI)