The unseen

"This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine..."

Hello bright ones!

Sunny day isn't it?
Is it raining there?
What do you see?
Dark clouds and thunders?

I'm telling you...
It's a sunny day...
The sun is shining with all it streght!
Am I a crazy girl?
Yep \o/
I believe in the invisible!
I have the eyes that chose to see the unseen.
And you have no idea what I can do with this.
I can see beyond....
To everywhere I look, there is hope, there is victory, there is God!
All around me!

I have a friend, his name is Paul...
He told me something really amazing: This suffering and anguish, after all are very small and won't remain for so long. However this short time of anguish will result in the richest blessing from God upon us forever!
I guess Paul saw my hurt, so he said: Don't look at what we can see now, the difficulties that surround us, but look foward, for the heavenly joys that we don't see yet! 

I thought with myself: "but we don't see... how can it work?"

Then another wise friend exclaim to me: Only by faith we can please God! Faith is the evidence of things not seen... Uaaaaau.... 

We should walk by faith, I said!
Immediately I understood the war that we fight it's not just against the enemy of our souls, it's bigger than this. It's against our desire!

We don't want deliberately do the will of God. We have to kill our flesh to do God's will!
This is what I thinking about: A constant pain, to kill ourselves. Filled by anguish and sadness, but the reward it's more than worthy. Are the richest blessing of God upon us forever!

From above, the help!
Look to the skies. The sun is magnificently shining.

You may shine with it. Let your light shine...
... and just in case you want to know, I'm not crazy at all. I believe in the unseen!

2nd Corinthians 4.