The Shock

If you were there.
You could see scared and astonished faces everywhere.
Wide opened mouths.

- Is it true?

He accomplished what he promised.

He is back.
I cannot tell you how I felt.
Ok ok.
He said, he would be back.
But, who could imagine that a guy named Jesus, from Nazareth (!) would do this things?

He came to us.
He walked with us.
Not as we knew him.
Different way. But the same words.
No doubt. Is He.

He promised and fulfilled everything.

So, if he said and did all these things.
There's so much more to conquer.
We can believe. Because we saw.
But the greatest blessing is to believe not seeing.

Jesus is alive.
Jesus rose from the death.
He defeated the death.
And I'm still surprised.